North Jersey Haunted Half//Race Recap


Does anyone else go into races with so much anxiety they could vomit?  That’s me.  Every race. No matter the distance, I get myself all roweled up.  Don’t ask me why.  I couldn’t give you an answer.  BUT anyways, this mornings race couldn’t have been any better.  I have nothing but amazing things to say about the organization, the atmosphere, the cause, and the people.

For starters, this was the view when you arrived.  Fall colors get me every time.  I keep saying I want to move away, but this right here, that is what keeps me up North!

IMG_6981            IMG_6979

Once I stopped staring at the geese and the reflection in the water, I made my way to check-in.  It was smooth, easy, and harmless.  There was plenty of bathrooms//parking//and race shirts for all to be had.

I like to arrive super early, and hang out in my car, because again, I let myself become so anxious on race days.  So as I sat in my car, let me tell you about where the proceeds raised were going.  This event supported local charities, the big one primarily being a great non-profit organization called New Bridge Services.  This company helps more than 10,000 people of every age and background overcome challenges and live better. Their services include adult and family counseling, substance abuse treatment and addiction recovery, play therapy for young children, school-based prevention programs, youth employment and education services, adult day treatment programs, and outreach to the elderly. – See more at: New Bridge Services

So yes, running in this race held a special place in my heart.  They are like the organization that lends a helping hand to anyone.  It felt good to support such a generous program.

There was a 5k starting before us, so while we waited, I got to know Melissa.  I met Melissa on Instagram && she couldn’t have been any sweeter.  I have been so blessed with support by the running family on social media.  Everyone is beyond motivating and encouraging. So you can only guess my excitement when I found out I was going to get to meet someone, that I only knew in pictures.  The sweetest part was that we got to spend 13.1 miles chatting with each other, because we run the same pace.  It is so rare to find a running buddy these days, that maintains a steady pace as you.   We paced each other so well, that we managed to crank out a PR for the both of us. We came in at a time of 1:52:26!


The course was FLAT & winded its way through main roads and neighborhoods.  Melissa and I both said it felt like more of a training run, then a race.  It was nice.  The runners were so spread out, and the neighborhoods were so quiet, that we were literally by ourselves.  The cheering section was adorable//mostly youngsters giving you high-fives and commenting on your costumes.


Here is a photo of the race shirt and medal.  They also gave out extras from last years race and the North Jersey Half.

image8      image7

Overall, I give this race an A++ and cannot wait to go back next year.  I want to thank NJHALF and all the volunteers.  Excellent race, my friends!





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