Monday Must Haves


This week’s must haves are random.  There is no rhyme or reason to their necessity, other than it is what I am currently obsessed with && use on a daily basis.

First things first, I saw the ortho today for the foot pain I’ve been having during my runs.  For those of you who don’t know, for the last two weeks, I would get pain on top of my foot and down into my big toe.  It would only make an appearance on my runs over 7 miles.  I can’t really explain the pain, other than a charlie horse like cramp && some severe sharp pains, which would make lifting my foot darn near impossible.  I made it through my first 20 mile training run without any issues, but during this past weekends half marathon, I was struggling to complete the last 3 miles.  Thanks to the beautiful Melissa, I was able to talk myself into finishing, but knew I couldn’t ignore it anymore.  The good news is, I do not have a stress fracture, and he doesn’t see any kind of tendinitis.  Just over use, as most, “elite athletes” experience.  I couldn’t help but smile when he called me an elite athlete.  But anyways, he just told me I have to mess around with my compression socks//shoes//and simply find what works.  Sounds easy enough, which leads me to my first MUST HAVE!

  1. ICE && HEAT– download

Any athlete has a love//hate relationship with ice.  It’s cold, it’s not pleasant, it burns, but it makes your pains feel so good for 20 minutes.  Then heat is every mans best friend; achy backs, sore muscles, headaches, it makes everything feel amazing.  For me, it’s helping this foot heal && get stretched out.

2. BABY LIPS– baby-lips_pack-shot-crop_Quenched

I cannot leave home without chapstick.  My fav is Baby Lips.  I’m pretty sure I have one in every coat && purse, at school, in the car, and in my gym bag.  I hate the feeling of dry lips, plus this gives just the right amount of shine.

3. Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars wpid-IMG_0041-2014-11-23-14-05

These bad boys are oh so yummy, and are a runner’s perfect snack post-run.  They are organic, and come in so many delicious flavors [[apple cinnamon, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, mango, original, peach apricot ((MY FAV)), and a couple more]].

4. My CARBON FIBER A0W download

This bad boy has become my best friend the last couple of days, as I let my foot rest.  She’s been so good to me && pushes me to become a better athlete.  She is the best cross training equipment I have ever used.  Getting stronger && faster is my plan.

5. My MANDUKA YOGA MAT manduka-prolite

We see each other everyday, even if it’s only for a couple of minutes.  You should try it.  You will be addicted.  Your life will change.  You will be happy! 🙂

So there you have it, my first ever “Monday Must Haves”!  What are the things you cannot live without this week?



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