Friday Firsts: You want me to run a 5k?


Yup. This is basically what I said to my colleagues [[five]] years ago when they asked me to sign up for a local 5k with them.  If I already wasn’t intimidated enough by my super fit friends, I was definitely intimidated by running a race with my super fit friends, when I have never run a race in my life.

Sure, I was a soccer player for more years than I can count, but we rarely ran more than one mile at any given time, and I was usually one of the last ones in line.  I hated running.  I hated the idea of running. I would intentionally show up late to practice, and “see a teacher”, just to avoid our warm-up runs.  Running and Tanya went together like water and oil.  It just didn’t mix! && nothing really changed five years later…

So here I was, signing up for a 5k, without even knowing what a 5k entailed.  “How many miles is that? Does one train for this?  That’s hilarious. Training?  What is training?  I “ran” in high school. I can handle this.  You were a soccer player.  You can do anything.  Plus, you have to prove yourself to your beautiful, fit physical therapy colleagues.  I can hang with them.  I can keep up.  Right?”

LOGO 1 copy.jpg_10458337

Race day came, and I did not do a single run beforehand.  I don’t even remember feeling nervous, because I did not know what to expect.  I think my expectations were so far from correct, that feelings were non-existent.  I just wanted to stay with my fit//running//PT friends.  That’s all.  Seems easy enough.

When the gun sounded, we started. I lost sight of my boss within minutes. She was a cross-country star her entire life && I should’ve known better than to think I could keep up with that.  But it was okay, I still had one more to hang with//one more to prove myself to.  To my surprise, we ran the entire way together, both complaining, && both wishing we were doing something else on a Saturday morning, other than running.  Through all the whining, we crossed the finish line in 31 minutes– on the dot.   I survived. We survived. I proved to myself I could run.  I proved to my friends that I could run.  But did it matter?

FullSizeRender (6)

Did I like running afterwards?  NO.  A big time NO.  Still hated it. I disliked it so much that I did not run in a race again until 2011! Say what??

What was your first race experience like?  Share, reminisce, and re-live those moments with me.

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