River Ramble//Race Recap


When I signed up for this race, I was not taking a break to let my foot heal.  I thought it would be a good last race before the big marathon.  PLUS, it would be a race I got to do with an old running friend, who I haven’t run with since last April. We met at ESU, and today’s race was held along the Delaware Water Gap, just down the road from where we met.  Running always brings us back together.  I love it.  And running the Delaware is a sight to be seen.  Unfortunately, the leaves peaked a couple weeks ago, so the trees were pretty bare and brown.  But it was still beautiful.

IMG_7979  IMG_7983 IMG_7982  IMG_7999

The staff was great and definitely in the plenty.  There was volunteers everywhere, each with a smiling face.  Registration was a breeze, old fashioned ((as the race was not chipped && followed a chute like finish)).  Nonetheless, it was simple and efficient.  There was about 500 runners split amongst a 5k and 10k.  The course was a down and back setup with one water station half way through.  They served coffee and hot chocolate before and after the race, as well as oatmeal, bagels and pastries.  They treated the runners very well.  The swag bag consisted of a hooded sweatshirt, a lidded cup/straw, and power-bar products.


As much as I wanted to run today’s race, the smart move was to take this race from a new perspective, the perspective of a spectator.  It was a hard pill to swallow, and it was even harder when they said go and everyone crossed the starting line.   But it was kind of cool to see what happens once all the runners leave the starting area. The crew got right to work changing the signs from start to finish, taping up the chutes for the 5k/10k sides, and getting the finish line necessities together.  I couldn’t wait for the runners to make their way back, so I could cheer them on.  Even more, I wanted to sprint the last stretch with my girl, as she took first place in her age division.  She rocks!

IMG_7997  IMG_8005

It may not have been my race, but it was an enjoyable morning.  Pretzel City Sports always puts on a good event.  Thank you to them, and to my girl, Meghan. The next race recap will be the marathon baby!!! EEEEKKKKK!!!



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