Goals on Goals on Goals

When the ladies at fitapproach gave us this week’s prompt, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud a little, because I spent the entire weekend creating lesson plans about goals.  It’s the little things that get me.  🙂

Anyways, as a life skills teacher, talking about goals with my students is quite difficult.  For starters, when I presented my students with the word GOALS, they screamed out “soccer”, and even after I proceeded to tell them I meant the goals about life and their future, they continued to insist that goals happen in soccer.

Image result for soccer goals

So I took a step back, threw my original plan out the window, and went with a new approach to the idea behind setting goals.  I wanted them to understand the depth to goals && goal setting.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to make this work using soccer as the blueprint.  When we talk about goals, we know they need to be realistic, we need to have short-term and long-term goals, an action plan, and plausible obstacles we may face along the way.  So we discussed those ideas, and I wrote them on the board.  Then I asked my students to fit those key terms into a soccer game, and this is what they came up with//give or take a few words….

“The big goal is to win all the games.  To do that, we have to practice really, really hard.  Like so hard.  Like until 5 everyday.  And Mrs. Cavallo, that means we won’t eat dinner until late, and that’s a big obstacle.  We will have to pack snacks, and run a lot.  And once we win all the games, we will play in the championship and our next goal would go pro, we would go pro.”

Sounds about right, am I right?  They might not have it all, but they made their case better than I expected.  Looks like I am going to have some famous soccer players in the near future, and I need to revisit this lesson another day.  But regardless, goals are an important part of life.

You make goals, you crush them.  You make new goals, hit a few bumps in the road, find a new path, maybe alter the goal, and keep pushing for bigger and better. We have goals mentally, physically, and emotionally.  We have goals at our jobs, in our relationships, and in life.


Currently, my biggest goal, and my main focus is making it to my first marathon, in two weeks, healthy and ready to run.  I’ve put everything into the training.  I’ve missed out on a lot of things in life, preparing myself mentally and physically.  Each week has been a series of mini goals, all leading me up to the big finale.  This week’s goals are supposed to be taper runs, but with my foot steal healing, and doing its thing, I’ve had to alter my goals; jump over the obstacles.


This week, I want to be active for at least 720 minutes.  That averages 2 hours a day.  Since running is still a no go, I plan on being active through cycling, elliptical running, yoga//hot yoga, and strength training.  I also have some goals mentally and emotionally.  As a lot of my followers know, I’ve been having a tough time staying positive about this marathon and my abilities.  I have a lot of worries and concerns.  BUT, I am no quitter, and have fought through so pretty nasty mental games with myself.  I will put in my all, no matter what. Everything is mental.  If you can control your thoughts, you can control your life.  You will be unstoppable.




I already hit today’s goals. Eating was on point, drinking actually happened, and I managed to squeeze in my physical activities at home.  Don’t give up.  Goals are made for a reason.  Follow the plan.  Trust the process.  And never ever give up!

Thank you prana, Jamie, Amanda, and all the ladies inspiring and motivating each other in the #holidaysweat challenge! If you want to join, it’s not too late.  Check out fitapproach.com/holidaysweat!



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