The “Taper Crazies” Are a Real Thing


People always joke about tapering, and how it affects you.  I used to laugh at them and say it couldn’t possibly be as bad as they make it out to seem.  WELL HOLD UP, because I can 100% check off every item on this list.  My taper time has been at an even bigger all time low, because I haven’t run for the last two weeks.  And now, as I enter the final week of tapering, I am honestly going bat s*** crazy!  How am I going to make it to the starting line sane?

images (1)

1. Are those “phantom pains” real?  Am I just “feeling” aches and pains because I’m worried about my foot pain, or is my foot honestly still bothering me?  If it is still bothering me, am I going to finish?  AHHHHHHHH!! Three weeks of rest should be enough time, right?  I mean the doctor didn’t seem to think anything was wrong with my foot to begin with, so running 26.2 miles should be nothing.  FINGERS CROSSED!  😦


2. WHY CAN’T I STOP EATING?!?! For real though, I even got nervous that I might be pregnant.  The need for food, like all the time, is crazy business.  I’ve even been craving food I don’t usually eat.  Hello poptarts! ❤ Will I really be able to run after eating all the food? Why do we crave food more anyways? Where my doctors at?  Help a girl out.

bedtime3. S L E E P. nap.  S L E E P some more.  Think about bedtime. Ask yourself a million times a day why you are so tired.   I felt like my students this past week, whining and complaining that I was tired.  BUT WHYYYYYY?  I was getting my usual hours of sleep each night, but it never felt like enough.  Doctor, are you still here?  Answer me this one too, please.  🙂


4.  I NEVER GET SICK!  So why now?  Seriously, a week before the marathon and I’m over here crying about a sore throat, and blowing through tissues like it’s my job.  I’d like to blame it on my students, but is it really their fault?  I’m drinking all the vitamin C I can and airborne has been my BFF.  Prayers that it’s out of my system by Saturday.

mood_swings_by_vidiescal123-d33ff8t5. CURRENT MOOD:  content, but ask me again in five minutes, and it could be raging b****!  If eating a lot of food, and constantly being hungry gave me pregnancy scares, then you can only imagine adding E X T R E M E mood swings on top. God Bless my husband for coming out strong on the other end of it.  Love you babe!  ❤

Thank you taper week, for keeping it real, for bringing me down from my runner’s high, and letting me know that I’m still human. Next time, I only ask that you not be as intense, and come a little later.  Please, and thank you!

How does everyone else handle taper time?  What are the crazy things it has done to you?  Please share and make me feel better about myself, because right now, I feel so yucky. Literally, like yucky physically//mentally//emotionally! T-Minus 6 days!  EEEEEEKKKKKK!!!



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