Race Recap: Nuun Year Dash

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Nuun hydration is literally the BEST company out there for providing fuel and hydration for all sorts of athletes.  I decided to give Nuun a try about a year ago.  I can’t have normal sports drinks with electrolytes, because of the sugar content and the affect they have on my body.  Drinks like Gatorade gave me stomach aches and heartburn.  Others had caffeine, and I have to stay away from that stuff too.  I was desperately searching for a product that fit all of my needs.

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Enter Nuun.  LIFESAVING! Delicious. Light. Sugar free. No carbs. No side effects. NOTHING BUT PURE HAPPINESS!  ❤ I am not an ambassador for Nuun and hold no affiliation with them.  My opinions are strictly out of love for the company and the product.  I never would have made it through those disgustingly hot and humid summer months of marathon training if it were not for Nuun.  I like to think that it helped me achieve PR’s on my half marathon, and 5k times too!! 🙂 I not only drink Nuun during my runs, I use it when strength training, hiking, when I feel a cold coming on, cycling && whenever I want something refreshing.

When I saw Nuun decided to host their very first virtual race, I had to be a part of it.  It was the perfect race to start the new year  and a new running season.  I’m not sure what my race season is going to look like this year, since I am expecting my first baby, but I am going to make each one count. And each one will hold an even greater spot in my heart, since I’ll be running for two!  🙂 ❤

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The race swag is fun, and really elicits what running together looks like.  They nailed it, down to the safety pins for your bibs.  They left nothing go unnoticed && when anyone had a question about ANYTHING, they responded within minutes.  We had runners from all over the world come together to support one amazing cause.

 CHALLENGED ATHLETES FOUNDATIONchallenged-athletes-1024x583

Nuun’s mission is to inspire a healthier, happier, more active lifestyle so everyone can achieve life’s next personal best.  All of the proceeds raised were donated to the Challenged Athletes Foundation, a charity organization that benefits disabled and paraplegic athletes nationwide. I have never been more astonished and amazed than I am when watching those with challenges we cannot understand, succeed and compete in what some would call the unfathomable.  They are the true heroes.  They are the real inspiration.  They are true athletes.  ❤

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It may not have been fast, but I had a blast && loved being a part of something so big, so powerful, so life changing.  Thank you Nuun for a great product, an amazing message, and a great inaugural New Year Dash!  Congrats to everyone who participated.  I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone’s posts, pictures and amazing stories.  Let’s continue to run together && change the world, one stride at a time!  ❤

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