Social Media Dangers: COPY CATS


Have you ever been 100% right about the bad vibes you get from people?  I have never been wrong about people.  My friends used to ask me how I did it?  I couldn’t tell you. But I always know how to point out the bad ones and have nailed their personality types to a T.  Unfortunately, one of those bad ones has made their way into my life through social media.  It has been a year of my dealing with one specific copy cat.  The extremes of the copying range from stealing photo ideas, to copying how I speak and type, to even signing up for the same races that I do.  I’ve learned that it’s fairly common, but in my case, it’s extremely scary. I actually know this said individual (well don’t exactly know her, but her husband and my husband used to be in the same car club).  Anyways, in the beginning, I used to get furious && sometimes still find myself getting super angry.  I work hard to be a unique, creative and completely individual person.  I don’t think it is right that someone can just steal EVERY part of your being.


Think about the last time you scrolled through your Instagram feed and suddenly notice that your photo has been used without your permission. Or maybe you notice that one of your followers is now posting pictures identical to your own. How did it make you feel?



It really does suck when this happens.  Who wants to see someone else do the same exact thing you do, minutes after you do it.  No joke, if I post a picture about food, this chick does the same thing within an hour.  When I became a beachbody coach (only lasted two months//not my thing), she all of a sudden became a coach. When I got hard core into yoga, this chikey decided she was going to start yoga too.  When I started morning motivation posts, she did as well.  When I started blogging, the next day she started blogging.  When I signed up for my first marathon, an hour later, she signed up for her first marathon.  I thought talking to her would solve the problem, but it only intensified it.  This went on for months.  I thought it had finally come to an end, but recently she has come back like wild fire.  Now she has even begun copying other’s.

FYI: even if you block someone on Instagram, they can still see your page on the internet.  They are only blocked on the app.  It’s a shame that is how it works.

Now, you are probably saying, “why don’t you just make your page private”.  Trust me I thought about it, but then I couldn’t participate in the yoga challenges I do, or host giveaways like I do.  PLUS, I love sharing my passion for life with others, and connecting with like minded individuals.


I guess the point of this post is to make people aware of the severity of copycats on social media. And for me, to learn to let go.  People are what they are. When people copy others, it usually means they are insecure about themselves.   I found a saying recently that has really helped me cope with all of this sad crap that is happening.  It says, “copycats will never be successful until they find their own voice”. I just need to keep reminding myself this everyday.  If you find yourself in a similar situation, please share how you manage?  I’d love to hear! ❤



One thought on “Social Media Dangers: COPY CATS

  1. I’ve never (well to my knowledge) have had a copy cat, I feel bad for you and don’t want you to go private since I wouldn’t be able see all your motivation and follow along with your next HUGE life step of babies!!! I can’t even remember how I found you, was Insta first for sure all the yoga I believe and me dreaming of being able to do it! Then stuck around for the marathon adventure since I’m doing my own in 2.5 months! The fact that you know her is scary as well, I truly hope she doesn’t go completely nutso on you. Sad for her and not being able to be her own self and create her own way in life. Be safe and Please keep inspiring!!


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