We All Have Our Favorites

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When people talk about their favorite gear, it stirs up a lot of discussion && sometimes feels like it leads to political debates about what’s the best and why.  [[If only that was our biggest world problems]]!


When it comes to running gear, I do have to say I am pretty picky, but not really.  I just need a few essentials on the regular, you know like; shoes, socks, shorts, watch && my crazy obsession with arm candy, but those items are typically strictly from specific companies.

 Let’s talk SHOES first!

It took me almost an entire year to find a shoe I was 100% in love with ((and that first love being Mizuno Wave Riders ❤ )) && when I did, I wore the same shoe forever and ever.  BUT then it was brought to my attention the importance of changing up the style sneaker, to avoid injuries && all that jazz.  So I started to research different brands, and what people had to  say about them. I found I also loved Brooks Glycerins, and they quickly became my long run go to sneaks.  They didn’t give me any foot pain, blisters, or creeping up the calf leg pains.  I ran 9 miles in them without ever “breaking them in”, and was SOLD. I completed my entire first marathon training in them//well two pairs of them actually, and haven’t traded them for anything. 🙂 I also alternate my runs with the Saucony Triumphs.  They are like running on clouds, so bouncy and springy.  I tend to use them more on runs with uneven ground// trails, paths, grass, etc.

I obviously wouldn’t be a good brand rep for sneakers, because MY LOVE for ALL THREE is strong! I rotate those bad boys on the daily && kind of need them all in my life!  ❤ 🙂


And next we’ll discuss SOCKS!

I’m a one stop shop kinda gal when it comes to socks//sleeves.  PROCOMPRESSION has my heart, forever && always. ❤ I pretty much own every pair, but beyond their awesome appearance, these socks are a life savior.  When I first started training for long runs, I would get calf cramps that were debilitating.  It didn’t matter how much time I spent stretching, fueling, && massaging.  Those nasty little Charlie Horses made their presence known and fought hard to bring me down.  Enter ProCompression.  I haven’t experienced any calf/leg pain since.  They are stylish, but so much more.  ❤


&& Last But Not Least…the ARM CANDY!

I’m another one one stop shop with the arm goodies!  Give me my momentum wraps && my Garmin and I am one happy camper.  I love, love, lovvvveeee my Garmin because I can use it for riding && running, and it’s all wireless. I rarely ever have to plug it into my computer for updates, and it holds a charge forever.  &&&&& my momentum wraps are my fun, inspirational, get me in the mood, colorful little things that I wear all the time, not just when exercising.  But they are amazing because you can swap them in and out, combine colors, make custom sayings, and wash them.  I am so thankful I get to be an ambassador for this organization.  They are my favorite and mean so much more than just arm decoration.


What is your favorite//must-have gear?  Are we similar, different?  Are you obsessed with different brands?  Share, because I am a curious preggers!  🙂 ❤





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