Be True to Your Core

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Have you ever had those days where water just was not enough to quench that yearning thirst?  I know I sure have.  Just last week, the humidity was out full force, which is something I haven’t had to endure since last summer && marathon training.  Like the humidity wasn’t enough, I was also 26 weeks pregnant.  Trying to run in that same humidity was brutal.  All I wanted on my run was a nice cold freeze pop.  I mean, that could’ve also just been a nagging preggo craving, but you catch my drift.  🙂

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The aftermath of that crazy, hot run lead to the above.  Dead. Tired. Hot. Exhausted. && oh so THIRSTY!  Lucky for me, I had my fair choosing of ice cold CORE organic bottles just waiting for me to guzzle down. What is so special about these flavorful waters?  Well you never have to compromise on taste or calories, as they contain only 5 calories per serving. They are USDA Certified Organic.  Low glycemic. Gluten-free.  Vegan.  non-GMO. KOsher.  && soy free.  THE BEST PART….each serving contains the same amount of antioxidants as a 1/2 cup serving of blackberries or cherries.  Who wouldn’t want to replenish with water that tastes yummy && boosts the immune system?

These beautiful little gems are so versatile too.  You can use them in smoothies, create yummy fruit freeze pops (yes I am still stuck on freeze pops),  && even venture into fun alcoholic drinks (not my forte so I can’t provide ideas, but I am sure it would be yummy)! No matter what you choose to do with them, they are delicious, thirst satisfying, && something you definitely want to try!  My personal favorite flavors are peach mango, orange clementine, && pomegranate blue acai.  ❤


LUCKY FOR YOU, IT GETS EVEN BETTER!!!!! You can win 12 coupons to a store near you to try out your own CORE hydration drinks.  THAT’s 12 bottles for FREE!  Just comment below, or on my instagram.  For a store location near you, click the link provided.

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Where will your hydration take you?

Thank you CoreHydration && SweatPink for the opportunity to review an awesome product, and the chance to share my love for it with my followers!





4 thoughts on “Be True to Your Core

  1. I love the new flavored CORE drinks! I’ve tried the Peach Mango and Pear flavors so far. I want to try Watermelon Lemonade next.


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