Good-BYE Second Trimester…


The second trimester brought on a whole bunch of emotions, feelings, new things//experiences, joy, excitement, pain; you name it && I probably experienced it.

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In the beginning, the second trimester was like a dream come true.  I was relieved almost immediately from my nausea and morning sickness.  Food seemed appealing again.  My energy level was like I wasn’t even pregnant.  Many of my fears were diminished && I felt like ME again.  I was so stinking happy.  This lasted for such a long time too!

I went to Disney && ran the Princess Half Marathon at 17 weeks pregnant.  I was still going upside down && busting out yoga poses like it was nothing. Did I get tired?  Oh yeah, but I didn’t feel like I was dying anymore. The second trimester quickly became the countdown to gender reveal day!

The night before the appointment I had my first baby dream.  The whole pregnancy I thought for sure I was having a girl.  Every thought led to girl.  Every name thinking led to girl.  When I would go into stores, I would find myself in the girl section.  Every vibe in my body screamed girl.  BUT that night my one and only baby dream (even to this day) was about a boy.  I woke up that morning telling my hubby it’s going to be a boy.  When the big day came, I was so anxious.  I stupidly made the appointment for after school, trying to save my days for when he arrives, which made the day seem like it was never going to end.  I felt like every car that day wanted to go slow or get in my way.  And then it was time.  She called us back && the first thing she asks you is whether or not you want to find out.  Chris almost screamed, “YES!”! But she looked at me and asked what I wanted.  I could’ve said no and then she couldn’t tell Chris, but I was just as excited and couldn’t wait to find out.  It’s a good thing we said yes too, because as soon as she placed the wand on my belly there he was && there was no denying he was a little boy.  Even if we had said no, we would’ve found out!  🙂


The ultrasound was about an hour long && I loved every second of it.  I couldn’t stop staring at him and squealing with excitement.  It was an adventure to say the least.  The fire alarm went off in the middle of our appointment && we had to evacuate the building. At first I was like, “is this for real?” But then I couldn’t stop laughing at how God works, because baby boy turned with his little booty in the air, and the tech was able to view his spine and rule out spina bifida.  Little man’s appointment was perfect.  He was perfect.  Right on target with measurements && cute as a  button.


During the chaos of all of the baby excitement, my hubby && I moved into our first home!  With all the mess and hard work that brought, he did not want to throw a gender reveal party, but I was dying to do one.  My students && colleagues have been really excited about my pregnancy, so I decided to take the fun into the classroom.  My kids and aides all took votes && gave me name suggestions! ❤ I was so shocked how well my students did with it and the names they gave.  I thought for sure I would get names from cartoons or the latest action hero movies. BUT they did so well.

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The next day, we celebrated with surprise filled cupcakes, boxes of balloons, and a fun little countdown that I posted on my IG account.

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SO back to what the second trimester brought me….

I continued running mostly pain free && free of the uncomfortableness that comes with a growing belly until about week 21/22.  Each week after that, running became harder and harder.  I quickly found I could run at most three to five miles.  I said good-bye to long runs && it wasn’t without a lot of emotions.  I was a little depressed, frustrated, and not really understanding why it was so hard for me.  I have watched so many ladies run through delivery day && thought for sure I would be one of them.  Despite how active and fit I was, running was not in my cards this pregnancy; at least until the end.  I tried belly bands, but the pressure on my bladder was always too much.  And the sensitivity my stomach would have for days after running was almost not worth it anymore.  Some of my fears also crept back in.  I didn’t want to hurt him && I was in no place to make an educated decision.  My doctor said my body would tell me && so I listened.  I continued to run until about week 25, then running became walgging (walking/jogging).  As of lately, it’s a lot more walking then running, but I am just happy I get to keep moving.

When the belly seriously popped (like week 22/23), the second trimester started to become rough again.  Now, at 28 weeks, I can barely breath just relaxing, and forget about after I eat. I don’t know how people carry more than one baby in their bellies, because I am having a really hard time adapting to carrying around an extra 15 pounds.  I have some anxiety going into the third trimester, only because of how uncomfortable I tend to be already.  12 more weeks && a lot more growing on his part, and I am a terrified mess.  Don’t get me wrong, I love feeling him and being blessed to be his mommy, but I wasn’t expecting it to be this hard as he && I both grow.  Some days are a lot harder than others.  I have had to make adjustments to how I eat, when I eat, and what I eat again. We took the glucose test && it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  She rambles off a ton of possible side effects and makes you so nervous, but then we you take it, it really just made me crash. I was so sleepy for three days straight it seemed. BUT when you don’t feed it that kind of crap, it only seems natural that your body would hate it.  Little man went crazy during it.  She said it was like giving him 20 candy bars and asking him to take a nap.  He did not stop moving the entire day.  The good news is we passed.   The body is one amazing instrument && I am thankful to experience how powerful it is. I just need to continue to pray && nourish this little man until his big day. We are both fighters!


As we enter the third trimester, things have been becoming more real. Like, “oh my goodness this is happening soon, real soon” kind of real.  It is exciting and overwhelming.  Chris and I spend a lot of our time together talking about him and our future, and it is one of the best times I think we’ve ever had. Even though we cannot agree on names for anything, we have fun throwing them around and seeing what the other thinks.  And just when I think I get him on my side, he changes his mind.  Being a teacher makes it extremely difficult to choose a name. So we will just keep trying. I have TWO that I am obsessed with, and just need to keep working the hubby to join my side. ❤

Everyday it seems like we get another item in the mail for our sweet baby boy.    The shower is right around the corner.  His crib came && the new flooring we are going to put in his nursery.  We still have a lot to do && a lot to get for his big arrival, but it’s been fun to cross things off.  Before you know it, our little dude is going to be here && our world will forever change.  I am so ready for the three of us! ❤


My advice to other mommas in the second trimester:

  • enjoy the honeymoon phase while it lasts. Soak up every minute and spend it wisely.
  • Listen to your body.  We are all different.  This was the biggest//hardest lesson to cope with.  I compared my bump && body to every woman out there it seems.  No two pregnancies are the same. Do what you are capable of && enjoy it.
  • Be prepared for uncomfortable days. They are going to happen. Just adjust and adapt and you will find your groove again.
  • Start your registry and have fun scanning that little gun! 🙂
  • Take time for you and your hubby…time doing absolutely nothing but talking.  Those moments become some of the most treasured.
  • Love yourself despite the changes! ❤





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