Thankful Thursday


This week//month has been a serious adjustment for me.  Everything from weight gain, to sleepless nights, to crazy busy days with school && coaching, to some serious reality setting in that in just 11 weeks time ( or less, but praying not ) we will have a little human in our hands.  EEEKKKKKkkkk!! With that being said, these gems I am about to mention have been life saving, yummy, && what every pregnant girl needs. Thankful Thursday necessity style! 🙂



The belly band by BeMaternity has been my BFF since about weeks 23//24.  I have maybe purchased two pairs of maternity pants, but rarely wear them.  YES, they are super comfortable, but they are expensive && tend to lack the fashion style I am prone to wearing. PLUS, if I can still fit into my clothes, I want to.  This band allows me to continue to wear my own pants//shorts//skirts, etc. without feeling any bit uncomfortable && they stay in place.  It also has an added bonus of supporting my growing belly.  I found mine at target for like $11.00 && they come in white, black, and tan.  I highly suggest purchasing these for my expecting mommas out there. You will not regret it!  🙂



Seriously, you must “SEED your SOUL” with these beauts.  The amount of Omega-3’s they provide are fab for my growing baby && support his brain development. PLUS, they are great for my own health && wellness.  They taste amazing && make me feel amazing!  I buy the store out every time I go.  I am a stickler for this flavor && this flavor only, but the others were tasty too. I just have an obsession with all things beets.  ❤


The Oiselle Toolbet ROGA shorts are my favorite shorts in the history of shorts. ///// The pockets are perfect.  The fit is perfect. && they work well with the big ole belly I now carry around with me.  I love them for all distances.  They don’t ride up.  The pockets are perfect for fuel and keys.  I’m just a fan.  HUGE, h u g e   fan!  🙂


True life… since Honey Stinger came out with these bars, I have been non stop eating them.  They seriously taste like you are eating a pb&&j sandwich, yet the ingredients are simply peanuts, cranberries, strawberries and honey.  ❤  LOVE at first bite!  With being on the go ((ALL THE TIME)), I carry these around with me wherever I go. Who doesn’t love some pure natural energy? 🙂



imagesTanya ❤



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