Roxbury Community Benefit 5k-Race Recap


Where do I even begin with this race?  This is one of those races you just have to keep coming back for more.  The atmosphere is so inviting and fun!  For the past two years I think, I’ve been doing this race with my church and our Run4God group.  BUT I’ve been attending this race for at least 5 years.  Two of those years I’ve had to run//walk it ((one year I had staples in my back && this year I was carrying little man)).

What keeps me coming back?

  • It’s local
  • It’s family//community friendly
  • You get free ice cream and pizza
  • The course is the same each year, so it’s the perfect place to keep pushing for PR’s
  • The love and support from the crowds
  • The traditional feel it gives off

We won first place in the group division!  🙂

This year was one of the biggest years I’ve encountered with this beautiful group!  We have grown tremendously in numbers since last year && have opened it up to walkers too!  I love how this group changes people mentally, physically, emotionally && spiritually!  It was life changing for me and my running career, as well!  Because of this group, I became a runner, a REAL, die hard runner!  && it all started with the half-marathon training program.  FROM THERE, I continued on my own journey to becoming a marathoner.  BUT it wasn’t without this group and their love, support, && unconditional devotion to our Lord and Savior.  ❤

PRE Race I found these two gems.  Love them! ❤ They make my heart happy && the goofiness we get ourselves into is priceless.  Runners truly make the best friends!  AND mine just happen to be the best, not to brag or anything!  🙂 ❤


The belly bump is always a hit at these things!  ❤

I started out running this race.  Slow, painfully slow.  BUT I knew it wasn’t going to be a good running day from the moment I got up.  All day I complained about pressure and heaviness in my belly. I even spent a good portion of my morning in the nurse’s office laying on the bed there.  I was hoping he would move off of my bladder and super low, but he wasn’t having it.  So we tried our best, and made it maybe .75 miles in.  Reached the hill && said, “Okay, I am walking!”  Waved Heather on && hung out with my girl Christina. When I say she is a genuine soul, I mean she is something special.

I am not used to being the one that has to hold people up or apologize for walking.  She didn’t care.  She made the decision to stick with me and that is what she did.  BUT can I just tell you, it was one of my most favorite runs, because I just got to be.  IT WAS WHAT IT WAS!  We had awesome conversation, and the race flew by like that.  We stopped to take photo ops everywhere we could, because well, let’s be real, that’s just how we both are, hehe!  🙂


I am not one to walk through finish lines, NO MATTER WHAT, so when we rounded the corner to the final stretch, I took off running, so fast we got down into the 8:30’s and Christina and Heather (( who came back to finish with us ❤ ) were yelling at me to slow down.  BUT when I see the end, something always takes over me and I just run. We decided to jump at the finish line and the capture of it makes me so happy!  🙂


I am a lucky girl to be blessed with such amazing friends && running buddies!  Especially the ones who like to stuff their faces and eat all the food with me afterwards!


Thank you to my loves from church, the volunteers and police officers, the cute cheering sections all over the course, and these two lovely ladies!  You all made for one perfect night for me and little man && I cannot wait to share this night with him!  ❤


images❤ Tanya


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