Maternity Photo Shoot <3



My journey through this pregnancy has been one of the craziest rides I’ve ever experienced.  If you’ve been following me from the beginning, you already know it hasn’t been the easiest.  From receiving potentially devastating news, to seeing your baby for the first time, to hearing his little heart beat, the ups and downs have been some of the most taxing times of my life. BUT I thank God everyday for bringing us to 34 weeks with our sweet baby boy, and for every little kick//punch//hiccup he makes.

Words cannot even begin to explain the love I have for this boy.  I’ve heard other women say the same thing, and always wondered how you couldn’t put words to feelings.  The intensity of it all truly renders you speechless.  He is a part of me.  He is my reason.  He is my life.  He was the missing piece to a full heart.  I CANNOT WAIT TO MEET HIM!  ❤



The hubby and I have always been simple people.  We do not like fancy or foofy.  Our wedding was all DIY and under $2,000 && the same went with EVERYTHING baby related.  Our announcement photos were taken by my MIL, my baby shower was simple, but perfect, && I wanted our maternity pictures to be the same.  Luckily we have some tremendous people in our lives, one of them having a father who loves photography.  They live on a beautiful piece of land && offered their home, time, and love to us.  We didn’t need to spend thousands of dollars to capture the beauty of becoming parents.  I am so thankful for the people in our lives && the continued blessing God bestows upon us.

The Instagram community is so good to me.  For the next photos, I won a contest held by Angela (@runlikekale) and received a $75 gift card to pinkblushmaternity.With that gift card, I was able to get two beautiful dresses.  The blue and white one I wore for my baby shower && this lovely little gem.  Thank you so much Angela for hosting the giveaway && for giving me the chance to win this dress!  I LOVE IT && will continue to rock it after baby boy gets here!  ❤

These photos were so fun to take.  My friends dad was pretty obsessed with this cowboy hat, and if you know my hubby, he is not a cowboy haha!  So to see him “modeling” this hat made my day!  I couldn’t stop smiling && of course laughing every time they told me to be serious or make a different kind of face.  I only know how to smile folks.  Especially when you point it out to me.  🙂


For the last couple of photos, a beautiful company, that makes gorgeous dresses reached out to me on IG and asked if they could sponsor me ((sewtrendyaccessories)).  Of course I said yes!  Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to look beautiful in one of their dresses? At first I didn’t think I was a fan of the dress.  It is a stunning piece of art, and looks amazing on other women, but when I put it on, I didn’t think I looked good.  But when I got the pictures back, I was pleasantly surprised with how well they turned out && fell in love with the dress.


My gratitude towards this whole day && experience will never go unknown.  I am so thankful for the people in our lives.  The support. The love.  The caringness.  I am humbled && honored to be well taken care of and thought about.  Thank you to Mr. Dorlan for taking our photos and capturing such a special time in our lives.  Thank you to PinkBlushMaternity and SewTrendyAccessories for making me feel beautiful and providing the gorgeous dresses for this photo-shoot.  Thank you to my love, for putting up with the outfit changes, posing, and countless smiles needed to make this day happen.  I love you.  ❤  AND thank you to you guys, my followers, my friends, and my family.  We love you and appreciate everything you do for us.  🙂





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