Friday Five


Many of you have asked for me to do a Friday Five segment on my blog.  I think I might have done it a couple of times [[called it my Friday Faves..yes? no? maybe? I THINK SO]].

Anyways, so now that I am a stay at home mommy, I tend to lose track of EVERYTHING ((time, items, days of the week, my own head sometimes)) && the one necessity that hasn’t left my side is the my baby tracker app.


It is a free app that literally keeps me sane.  Clayton’s eating is sometimes on a schedule, but mostly whenever he wants.  However, after switching pediatricians, who can I just say has helped with Clayton’s tummy troubles tremendously, he wants Clayton to be on a schedule closer to 4oz every 4 hours.  He also thinks the app is a joke && that I should throw it away haha, which I can see why he thinks that.  It was feeding into my OCD with Clayton, and causing me to worry way more than I needed to.  I still use it though, strictly for the hour that he ate.  If I didn’t keep it some where, I would have no idea if he ate 30 minutes ago or 12 hours ago.  SECRETLY THOUGH, I need it for my OCD.  I like to rest assured that he is pooping at least once a day, and how much sleep he gets.  I guess that’s the special ed data freak in me, who knows.


My next MUST HAVE item for the week is obvi those blueberry Clif Bars I keep talking about.  Finding time to eat is rare.  I am surprised I’m not super skinny and wasted away yet.  I find I just graze on food now, rather than having actual meals.  So the Clif Bar has become my breakfast go-to when I want to sneak in a run//ride in the morning.  SO GOOD! 🙂


Let’s see….my next fav of the week is the new ProCompression SOM. The berry color is perf && we all know I am O B S S E S S E D with their products. It’s been a saving grace to my poor out of shape legs, especially with preventing shin splints with all the treadmill running I’ve been having to do.

My fourth must have item for the week is my TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller.  #hurtssogood ❤  I’ve always had a love//hate relationship with foam rolling or stretching in general.  I would say I am lazy when it comes to that.  But after last years foot injury while marathon training && now not running in over a month, I’ve been trying to make more of a conscientious effort in hitting the roller EVERYDAY!  Plus, every workout I do now, leaves me sore.  That’s a good thing, YES, but also makes it difficult to get moving the next day!  I am still in awe at how fast you lose muscle and endurance versus how long it takes to acquire and build it.


Last, but certainly not least, is my TeamiBlend teas.  The R E L A X has helped me tremendously with falling asleep and not worrying so much about every sound Clayton makes throughout the night.  It is a soft minty flavor that cleanses the pallet too.  The skinny tea has made a difference in my cravings && has a subtle taste that makes it so versatile to anyone’s liking.  FOR 10% off your purchase, enter code: TANYAC



What are your Friday Favs?

imagesTanya ❤



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