Friday Five with Aftershokz && Sweatpink



I will post the five prompts for you, along with my answers to each!  ❤

1. Tunes that inspire! What are your 3 favorite pump up songs or podcasts to listen to while you get your sweat on? And tell us why you LOVE (or want to WIN!) a pair of AfterShokz new PINK headphones and stay #AwareWithPink while you sweat!

  • So I haven’t listened to music while running in over a year.  And when I was given a pair of aftershokz headphones to review, I was nervous to run with it again.  It’s still not my thing, but I do love to listen to music when riding my trainer or working out at home.  AND if your spouse is anything like mine, we don’t agree on music tastes, and it’s never fun to listen to cranked up music when you’re trying to watch your favorite show on the tv. So the headphones are great!  We can listen to our music, without annoying the other, and I can still hear my little one if he cries. I got a little  of topic.  Let’s see…my three favorite songs…that is a toughy.  Looking at me, you probably think I like poppy songs, but on the contrary, I like heavy rock//punk rock//metal.  So songs by Skillet, Five Finger Death Punch, and Disturbed really get me going, and performing at tip top speed. 🙂
  • Since I already own a pair of Aftershokz, I will not apply for this one.  I’ll save that for someone else.  ❤

2. Give back!? Tell us how you will empower yourself and others throughout #BCA month — running, volunteering, fundraising, supporting someone in your life.

  • I’ve always been a giver.  A giver of love, hope, inspiration, time. I put others before myself, ALWAYS! ❤ Breast Cancer hits home for me.  My nana has had a mastectomy, and some friends have had lumpectomies. As a way to give back, this month I am running two races that support free mammograms for women.  All the proceeds made at the races are given directly to a local office && used to help women of all ages receive mammograms, at no cost to them.  For more information about the movement, click the link:


3. Be a self care advocate: How do you advocate for self care in your life? Or how are you an advocate for self care in someone else’s life? Yoga, meditation, education, spreading awareness…?

  • OOOOOOOhhh this is a good one.  So many ways to respond. I’m an advocate in a lot of different ways; self care, teaching, special needs, yoga, running, healthy eating, self-image, you name it and I try to help it.  As a special education teacher, I fight for my students.  I fight for them to be allowed in general ed classes.  I fight for them to attend different events in the community.  I fight to change people’s perceptions of them.  I fight for them to love each other.  I fight for them to understand themselves and how they fit into our world. I fight for their happiness && acceptance.  As a lover of yoga && running, I advocate self love, self worth, self acceptance, no matter a person’s ability.  ❤

4. Inspiring threads! What are your favorite products/apparel that empower you to get sweaty + strong! We’re loving all of our new #prAnaFallStyle threads (get 15% off with PFS16TCRL at checkout, our new Sweat Pink tanks (ahem) and all the pink things that are helping spread awareness for #bca…grinning#wearpinkwednesday #AwareWithPink

  • My must haves for running are procompression socks, Oiselle running shorts, mizuno running shoes, my garmin && momentum jewelry, and my pink running for those who can’t hat. Basically with all of these, I am one unstoppable, matchy matchy, trendy mama.  ❤ 🙂
  •  20160905_123845

5. Friends who inspire! Feature a friend / loved one that empowers / inspires you to make a difference in your own life or other’s lives. Make sure you connect with that special, inspirational person! Take a selfie with each other, whether you’re getting sweaty together or going on a coffee date!

  • Gahhhh this one is so hard to pick just one person.  I have so many people who inspire me on a daily basis.  Some I have never even met in real life.  Let’s see….should I use their IG names, that way you all can follow them if you are not already? YES! That sounds like a great plan….
    • @staceyannec –This beautiful mama has the biggest smile all the time, and she never lets her setbacks stop her from coming back.
    • @Melissalynwilliams — What can’t you say about this beautiful lady?  She accomplished one of the biggest transformations I have ever seen and she is super speedy.  She gives me so much hope for my future running career.
    • @breathebrooke — She’s flexible, super bendy, super beautiful, super sweet and has such an amazing heart.  I aspire to be half the woman and mom that she is.
    • @carleemcdot — Never not running and giving back to the world.  She is the true definition of changing the world and inspiring the lives of everyone she comes across.
    • @cgreenrun — She makes mommying (four beautiful babes, might I add) and training look easy and awesome.  She is strong, inside and out, and she is super supportive.
    • There are so many more lovely ladies, who inspire me more than they will ever know, and for all of you, I am so, so, sooooooo thankful.  You all are the only reason I keep that square box of life. ❤
    • 20160821_083633

And there you have it folks.  PINK EVERRYYYYYTHANG && a whole lotta love and support. Who inspires you?  What inspires you?  How do you advocate?  Play along, and let’s see how we all play a part in changing the world.  🙂

Don’t forget:

If you don’t have a pair of Aftershokz Pink Trekz Titanium headphones, don’t delay. For every unit sold through October 31st, 2016 on, AfterShokz will donate 25% of proceeds to Bright Pink – a non profit that focuses on breast and ovarian cancer awareness and education.

#AwareWithPink #SweatPink #BCA @MyAfterShokz @FitApproach


❤ X0X0


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