Judge && be Judged


I did something today that I am not proud of.  While I did not hurt anyone, the thoughts I had, if spoken or acted upon, very well could have.

I had to run to the grocery store, because we were missing the main ingredient for our dinner ((mom brain)), so naturally I had to bring Clayton.  I have yet to bring him to the grocery store, because everyone says that it is the worst place to bring an infant.  It’s riddled with germs and we all know as a new mom, you try to avoid them like the plague.

Anyhow, we go in, and as we are getting the carrots, I see an older man, who is wearing a mask {{like the kind your dentist wears}}.  And immediately, I feared for Clayton’s health. I closed the canopy on his car seat and went on to get the roast, in a different area of the store, just to escape his ‘potential illness’.  Some would say my reaction was just because I am a new mom, and that’s what we all do.  BUT on the way home, I was angry at myself for thinking that way, and for getting so appalled at someone I knew nothing about.

Who am I to judge that poor man? For all I know, he could’ve been wearing a mask for the very same reason I feared for Clayton’s health; to protect himself from the same germs I was worried about.  There are so many reasons he could have been wearing that mask, and yet my first thought was that he was sick and shouldn’t be at the grocery store.


I guess why I am sharing this with you all is to spread awareness to the nature of our thoughts and how they impact our community.  My thoughts, while no action was taking and did not lead to injury, very well could have.  And those very same thoughts ((made by everyone in the world)) have wreaked havoc on our nation. We live in a very selfish world now; a world full of judgement, hate, and cruelty.  While no two people will ever agree 100% on any given subject, if we could change the way we view others for their differences, we could forever change the negativity that is spiraling out of control right now.

After my voiceless actions today, I realized how much more I need to be concious of my thoughts, and continue to reflect on my behaviors daily, so that I can teach my son to see the good in the world. It is my only hope that I raise a Godly child, who brings joy and open-mindedness to this ugly world we currently live in.   So that when a man enters the grocery store with a mask on, he is not afraid or fearful, or thinks of him in a negative, less than him, way.




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