NJ Marathon Training– Week One Recap

The time has come; marathon training round two. It’s crazy to think I’m running another marathon. I can’t say I really enjoy that distance, but then again, I’ve only ran one && I was pregnant. 😁 BUT I can say that I fell in love with running during that first training cycle. I loved having a plan, something to work towards, something to challenge me. Running a marathon is no joke, but the training that goes into is without a doubt, the most challenging and fulfilling aspect of a marathon.

Running postpartum was//is hard. For the longest time, I no longer had that “in love” feeling with running. I hated that it was hard. I felt lost as to what to do. So I got the bright idea to sign up for another marathon. At first, I was terrified. Running with a baby is its own entity. It takes a lot of stop && go, missed runs, treadmill runs, creative approaches, or my favorite; stroller runs. Add on a month of no running, a new marathon plan, with a totally different approach, and the fear was overwhelming. But here we are, one week down and I feel alive. I feel excited. I feel ready to take things on as they come.

Week one//Day one called for an easy 50 minutes with a pace between 9:23 and 10:27. That’s like a minute difference. So I wasn’t really sure where to keep my pace. I struggled for a good two miles to figure out my stride at that pace && get myself into a smooth groove. Running slow on the treadmill is tough haha. I used to use treadmills for speed work, and now being a new mommy, the treadmill has become my best friend for most of my runs. πŸ’™

Week one//Day two was cross training//strength training. I was woken up by the babe at 4:30 in the morning, and he was kind enough to go back to bed right away, but I was already awake. So I hit the bike and pulled off a ride I was not expecting. It was fast((er)) than I anticipated && it felt amazing. I didn’t have to work too hard for it and had a lot more in me at the end. πŸ™Œ I had planned to do another workout this day as well, some HIIT, but we had Clayton’s six month check up, and well all I’m gonna say is shots. But I did get some stretching//yoga in that evening, while daddy cycled on the trainer && the little played.

Week one//Day three called for an easy 60 mins. And this run was all about being a mommy. We got a late start, but when we finally got out the door, it was cold, damp and I was freezing. Before we left, the sun was shining and the temps said 40’s. Lies, all lies. So anyways, this run lasted a hot 35 minutes before Clayton let the whole world know he was hungry. So we made it to the car, and fed the hangry boy. At that point, I was fine with finishing the rest on the treadmill later. But at least we got a pretty picture to capture training day three.

And can we talk about the dots on dots on dots? I’m a fan of runmatchyβ„’ runs!!πŸ’•πŸ€—

Once I fed the boy his dinner, daddy took over so I could finish out the last 25 minutes of my scheduled 60. It brought me to 6.35 miles for the day. Odd numbers drive me bonkers. But I’m learning to take them as they come.

Week one//day four was another cross training//strength training day. And this was the day the universe said heck to the no on morning workouts, but I gave it a go anyways. Let’s see, first, Clayton woke up at 3:00 ((sleep training probs)), and wasn’t about going back down. We tried and tried, and oh, we tried some more. Anyone wanna guess what time the stinker finally went down? 8:30am πŸ˜’. Yeah, he was up for 5.5 hours. So logically, I thought he’d take the longest nap ever. Nope. Not my child. Funny. Like 20 minutes later he was up and about playing in his crib, and let me manage to have another 15, to bring it to 35 minutes of rough cycling. It was slow. It was painful. I worked hard for every push. Maybe because I didn’t get sleep, and I didn’t eat, and I had my coffee hours before. But done and did, cross it off as complete. 

After the morning disaster that was had, I was feeling optimistic about the days HIIT workout && was relieved it went much better and felt amazing. I’ve decided to use the original Insanity workout mixed with my own shenanigans && some BBG as my strength training strategy. 

Week One//Day five was a much needed rest day. And it fell on one of the colder days of the week, so that was nice too. Clayton was getting antsy, and loves to get out of the house at least once a day, or maybe that’s me, but we’ll.say he does too. So we went for a quick and ridiculously cold walk around the neighborhood. 

Week one//day six//easy 30 and don’t ask me why this felt like the hardest of the week. It’s funny how that all works out sometimes.Woke up to a little snow, that quickly turned into a lot of snow and we had errands to run, so it was a later run on the mill, giving me 3.36. After that run, I was terrified of how the final long run would go.

Week one//day six// first long run of the cycle// easy 90 minutes. Well the temps weren’t ideal, because the wind was crazy, but I wasn’t about to start the long runs on the treadmill. Not when daddy’s home and not when there wasn’t anything stopping me. So I bundled up, drank some coffee, and off I went. There’s a loop by my house that’s about three miles long and all farmland. I figured three times around wasn’t bad, and I really enjoy the loop. No traffic. All the animals you’re heart could ever want to see, and so very peaceful. The first loop was a little rough. I was freezing, my toes were numb, the wind hurt my face. But by the time I made it around again, I was warmed up, and the wind seemed to die down. Then the last loop was crazy hard. The wind picked up immensely and I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere. But I made it back to the car exactly at 1 hour and 25 minutes and decided the other five minutes wasn’t worth it. So I got 9.17 miles in a 9:17 pace. Fun numbers.πŸ’• 

Week one brings me to a total of 24 running miles and 28 cycling miles. I feel good. I’m slowly learning to embrace the random numbers I’m ending with, and the slower pace. Another week like this one and then the intervals begin!!πŸ€— 

I’m excited about the work ahead and following this path of letting things happen as they do.πŸ’•


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