NJ Marathon Training–Week Two Recap

Week Two? Already? I’m feeling stronger && more confident with each workout. But can I just be real for a hot second && say how hard it is to run all of these runs at an EASY, slower pace? It kills me. My muscles, my mind, my patience haha, but I know it’s going to help me work that much harder in this next week and the weeks to follow, leading up to the big day. πŸ™Œ

W2D1- Easy 45 recovery ride on the trainer. I’ve been really trying to focus on HR for these recovery days//all of the Easy runs.  I managed to keep it in zone three for the entire ride, which is awesome given my endurance on the bike is far from  what it is when running. Anyways, this was the ride that my child decided to scare the crap out of me and lie face down, for what seemed like forever, without moving. And those darn monitors don’t really let you see the details that are important, like you know, breathing and whether or not they have a nostril free. So I jumped off in a panic to run up two flights of stairs, and if you’ve ever ridden a bike for awhile, you know it’s hard to just walk like a normal person, and I had my clips on, so it was all a hot mess. But alas, he was fine and sleeping like a gem. 

Well that sleeping beauty of mine didn’t maintain his composure so well for the HIIT workout I tried to get through that evening. He about lost his marbles because I wasn’t looking at him every second. But you do what you have to do as a mom and make it happen the best way you can. Secret tip: involve them in the exercises when possible && end it with piggy back rides. It always works!!πŸ€— 

I mean just look at that face. He’s definitely a trouble maker who works the string he has wrapped around my finger!!πŸ’•πŸ’•

W2D2- Easy 50 mins (9:23-10:27) that I took too fast. Did I mention it’s a struggle for me to stay in between those paces? No drama or fun story for this run, other than I hit some nice negative splits for the first time this training cycle. ||9:16-9:13-9:12-9:03-8:55-4:27||5.5 miles//9:07 avg|| πŸ™Œ And I got to rock out with my socks out!β™₯

The wings are the best! 

I see a really big sweat circle on my belly, because I may or may not always use the same spot to wipe it off my face!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Later that night was family workout night and I did some fun core work and made my poor child do it too! But he needs to work on tummy time per doctor’s orders, so why not show him it’s okay, because mommy does it too!!😍

And I’m a huge fan of ending every workout with a kiss!!πŸ˜—


W2D3- Easy 45 on the trainer, that ended up being one I definitely didn’t take easy, even though it felt easy!! Oops!! And it was the one that was super eventful, because I took a mighty fine spill, but somehow came out without a scratch, a dent, or a concussion! God was watching over my stupid butt that day!! When in doubt, turn the tightening bolt one more time!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 

I seriously don’t know how I walked away from this without a single injury. My right foot came out of the clips on its own as I fell, I didn’t hit my head on the treadmill, and I didn’t break my leg on the roller. Oh my goodness! πŸ™

But I was able to dust myself off and complete my speedwork like a boss. I nailed five miles at a 21+ average speed. That has never happened in my cycling career on the trainer. Woohoo!

And through all of that, this handsome dude slept long after my ride was complete!!πŸ’• 

We even got to go outside for a nice long walk and enjoy the views right outside our back yard!!πŸ’•

And ended the day with weight training && happy baby, literally!!πŸ’™


W2D4- Easy 60 (9:23-10:27) and I clearly don’t follow the rules, because I went too fast again!πŸ˜† I wanted so badly to make this run with Clayton, but the weather was having a tempertantrum about raining versus not raining every five minutes. 

I started this run with the little man awake because napping just wasn’t on his agenda for the morning, but it’s almost always guaranteed he’s ready by mile three, and what do you know, he was. So I had to take a break to get him down, but then it was smooth sailing to the finish. 6.58 miles in a 9:07 pace.

Decided to end the day doing something I hadn’t done in over a year, and swing that bell. Such an awesome total body workout!πŸ’•


W2D5- REST DAY, but didn’t really rest, just took it “easy”! Spent some time outside again, because that’s where our hearts are, all the time, and mother nature was kind enough to give us sunshine and warmer weather!

Baby wearing is so much fun, but can become a lot of work over time. It’s like being pregnant again, only double the weight. But the boy loves it so much and prefers it over riding in the stroller, so that is what we do. Plus I could never get sick of hearing him babble on and on and smile at every person we encounter. πŸ’™

And last but not least, hot yoga. I used to go EVERY Friday, and then that mole removal stuff messed me up, and then it was the holidays and then I don’t know, but it was so nice to get back to it. It’s so refreshing and awakens my body like nothing else. I mean literally, I am like so in tune with my body that I can’t fall asleep haha. It happens every time. It’s kind of scary, and I think I need to stop going before bed, but it’s like the perfect day to go with training. Does that happen to anyone else? Please tell me I’m not the only one!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


W2D6- Easy 30 in the snow. My dad wanted to come this morning and watch Clayton for us while I ran and Chris rode, but we went to breakfast first and we all know running doesn’t happen after a big breakfast. So we walked with poppop instead, until my food was properly digested. 

When I first set out on my easy run, it had just started to snow, like nothing really, so I wasn’t too worried. But then it was really coming down, and laying, even though it wasn’t supposed to. It was bothering my eyes too and making it difficult to watch where I was stepping. But I made it the 30 minutes and had fun on the adventure.

I even got my new momentum wrap with my new favorite mantra!πŸ’•πŸ™Œ

At the end, it’s supposed to say, “it’s a choice”, but there wasn’t enough room for it all. But it’s so true. We don’t become better by accident, we work hard every day for our progress. We aren’t given strength as a gift, we earn it. And becoming faster doesn’t happen over night. It all goes hand in hand. Better, stronger, faster; it’s all a choice!β™₯


W2D7- Easy 90 Long Run that I ended up doing all on the treadmill. But it worked out. Clayton has been having trouble eating and sleeping and when that happens it’s hard. I couldn’t bring myself to leave daddy with him, even though he did a good job handling it all. I just felt better being close and the roads were a wet mess anyways. Plus, I got to get sweet smiles and kisses from my baby throughout the run.

If you know this verse, you know how well it plays into the role of running and our lives, at least for me it does. Running is a true test to our hearts and minds, but knowing he is there to guide us makes it all so much better!πŸ’•

These socks, though!!πŸ™Œ

While daddy was riding, we were walking. My little Eskimo needed the fresh air, and I needed to shakeout my legs. I am eating up the last days of freedom with my boy and the beautiful weather. 

Little ham bone.πŸ’™

Blue eyed babes.😍


Week 2 has been good to me, and I am looking forward to starting some interval training this week!!πŸ™Œ  The end totals look like this:

Running 25.1 miles

Cycling 26.3

Both were faster and stronger than last week and I’m feeling pretty unstoppable right now.


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