Marathon Training Week Three-Recap

This week brought what I would call some setbacks, but mostly just a bunch of emotional baggage. I ended last week’s training on such a mental high, that when I woke up Monday morning feeling completely drained, I was a little bummed. But that didn’t stop me from getting my butt on that bike and completing a 45 minute recovery ride. 

It was my slowest and shortest ride of this training cycle, but it came with its own set of bumpy pebbles along the way, in the form of a teething, tired baby, who wanted to be by his mama 24/7. So when I did finally get him asleep, it was 20 minutes later that he was back to needing me. My ride basically went, get on, pedal for a hot minute, go love on the baby, get back on, pedal it out, run back up stairs and repeat. I guess he was making sure I took the recovery part seriously!!πŸ’•

As a means to make him happy, and change his scenery up, maybe distracting him from his teeth pain, we went for an afternoon walk. Well, you can see how that turned out!!πŸ€—

But the sights were pretty && it made one of us happy!!πŸ’•

Tuesday morning was still a funky day for me, at least in the morning. The plan called for an easy 50, which is usually so easy, it’s boring. But this time, it was hard. I was tired. It took a lot of effort. And little man was still having a rough time with his teethers ((it finally came through and it was the best thing to find)). Anyways, so his cute butt wasn’t napping long again and when he woke up, I was experiencing quite the spike in HR and feeling dizzy, so calling it at 30 was fine by me. 

That alleged rain was actually legit, so no afternoon adventures with my boy were to be had, but I did get in the rest of my run. Way too fast, and totally not part of the plan, but I was feeling the need for speed. I’m terrible at following directions anyways, and I’m sure that will come back to bite me in the arse one day, but it felt good and so much better than whatever that was in the morning. And my little best friend played away on his new play mat in the pain cave.😍

When daddy got home, we had family workout night, he mostly did the working out, I did some yoga && played upside down, nailing my longest handstand PP!!

Wednesday was much better, for me at least. Little man, not so much. My ride was cut short by five minutes due to another sleepless baby, but the speed was back and it felt right.  I will complete a ride in the near future with an average speed higher than 18.8 mph. I’m so close I can feel it. πŸ’™

The rain and yuck continued to bless us with its presence, so we couldn’t get outside again. Ughhhh. But I did take advantage of the afternoon in, and work on my yoga flows. I don’t think I completed one HIIT workout this week, but yoga was something I needed more, both mentally && physically, and I don’t regret skipping those workouts one bit. 

Ohhhh Thursday you ugly day you. This was the day I about had an anxiety attack thinking about sending my babes to daycare. Anyways, woke up and killed my first interval run of the cycle. It felt amazing to move my legs at the speed they’ve been dying to go. And to finish the run at my goal marathon pace. πŸ™ŒπŸŽ‰

After my run, little man and I made a visit to daycare and it was the first time I had some mommy radar buzzing. It’s a great place, and this is nothing against them. It was more a realization that my boy isn’t ready for the older infant room. He was getting eaten alive by the babes who could crawl and walk, and the idea of leaving him in a situation where he doesn’t even understand what it means to defend himself hit hard. Real hard. Like uncontrollable crying hard. But the director is great, and she recognized the difference too and immediately said he’d start in the younger room with kids closer to his age and speed. So that helped, but oh my goodness I could not stop myself from being so upset the rest of the day. I cried so much I had permanent puffy eyes and wanted to go to bed at 6!πŸ˜‚ I took advantage of how exhausted day care visits make Clayton, and calmed my mind with another fun yoga flow, before my boy decided he needed to join me.

Friday was a complete rest day. I did nothing. I needed it. Clayton needed it. We unplugged for most of the day and just played, tried new foods, and cuddled. Sometimes I forget how important rest days are for the body and soul. We even had friends come over for pizza and crantinis && soaked up every moment of nothingness.πŸ’•

Saturday’s views brought to you by one massive mountain climb that trashed my quads and hurt so good. Have I ever mentioned that I love where we live?!πŸ™ŒπŸ’™

The schedule called for an easy 30, that ended up being in the called for pace, but was more challenging than my usual treadmill run or flat course. It was worth every huff and puff and sore quads the next day.

Do you see that ugly weather? I was still hanging around. It’s like we live in Pittsburgh.πŸ˜‚ Anyways, it wasn’t raining and it was drastically warmer then usual, so I took my boy to do his favorite thing. It was good for the both of us.

I sure will miss being able to do these afternoon walks with him. πŸ’™

Oh Sunday, you long run day you. Sleep training hasn’t been the worst, but it hasn’t been the best either. I didn’t get much sleep Saturday night and woke up totally wanting to skip this run, or cut it short, but I knew if I didn’t do it, I’d be mad at myself for the entire training cycle. So I had my coffee && toast with almond butter and banana and got dressed. Oh my lordy did I overdress. It was weird though if I must defend myself. It was chilly, and wet, but humid as all get up, which I didn’t notice until I was sweating three miles into my run and wanting to die. And can we talk about the fog?! I was planning on doing my run on the trails, but read in the paper recently about a man attacked by coyotes and was like ehhhhh, maybe I won’t. Plus, add the crazy fog && I whimped out like a scaredy cat.

So I took it to the farmland and made a stop with these beauties while debating on leaving my vest on the fence to drive back and get later, but then I knew I wouldn’t want to do that, so I continued on. I mean even my shoes were soaked from the humidity. So strange. 

When I made it back to my car, my legs were toasted. Dunzo. They weren’t going to go another step. I wanted to be upset about it, but then realized it was the first run ((well second if you count the mountain I ran on Saturday)) with hills. I’ve been solely training on the treadmill because of the baby or on a flat loop by our house. But I ventured into the unknown, tackling rolling hills and was completely content with how I finished. Eleven miles is eleven more than I wouldn’t have gotten had I skipped the run or cut it short. And I felt good about the pace. I followed directions and stayed within the designated paces. Win/win.

I might’ve started this week off not feeling it, and almost ended it that way too, but resilient. I fight on and today’s run left me feeling free. Free from the fears I acquired during the week, and free from the pressures of trying to do it all, all the time. 

I ended the week with 28.5 running miles, 24 cycling miles, a whole lotta feet climbed, and miles accomplished with my boy on our walks. πŸ€—πŸ‘

Smiles, cuddles, miles, happy hearts; So long week three, hello week four. My last week of training as a stay at home mommy. πŸ’œ


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