NJ Marathon Training–Week Four Recap

Week four, week four, you were everything and more. Runs were cut slightly shorter. Runs were split up and messy. Runs were swapped around to make it work. But at the end of the week, week four was pretty darn good to me.

I woke up mad early Monday morning to test out what life will be like as a working mama. 😭 I was able to feed the babe, get him back to sleep, crank out a half hour of riding, shower and leave for daycare all in good timing. I even made it to school with time to spare, meaning I could leave later. Yeahhh! πŸ™Œ Now let’s all take bets on whether or not I wake up tomorrow and crush it…..

Tuesday was a little backwards, and I had appointments, so the easy 50 on schedule didn’t happen until the evening and Mr. CT was done playing around 45 minutes, but I took it and ran with it, because usually I get 20//30 minutes tops. I was super proud of him for being able to play independently and enjoy himself. πŸ’™ 

Wednesday I was able to sneak in a longer(ish) ride, before it was back to mommy duties. I was definitely feeling fatigued this day, but managed to get in 14 miles. And then took a stroll in the long awaited sunshine that finally decided to make its appearance. This week was a windy one, but I’ll take windy and sunshine any day of over windy and snowy or rainy!!πŸ™Œ 

I’ve been trying to promise myself to do yoga at least twice a week, preferably more. And Wednesday was the night to make it happen. 

Thursday was a split run day. I knew I wanted to take advantage of the warmer temps and sunshine to do a stroller run with boogs, but his track record for lasting over a half hour is barely a tally mark. So I did half, during his morning nap, on the treadmill and we finished it up together outside. It was his first carrier free run. He makes sunglasses look good and hills a real challenge!!πŸ€—

But I love these runs and these moment with him. Stroller running really is my new favorite! And we were twinning with our jailbreaker stripes!!

I don’t usually ride on the same day that I run, at least not during marathon training, but we finally got a second trainer and I was super excited to be able to ride next to my hubby. So we hit the pain cave for family workout night. I made it barely fifteen minutes before Clayton was done. I mean not a chance of changing his mind. But it was fun while it lasted, and I’m definitely looking forward to being pushed to my limits when we ride together. He’s freaking fast!!!πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

Friday was glorious in all of its rest day shenanigans. I enjoyed every minute of being lazy and cuddling my boy. I was able to squeeze in a very interrupted yoga session that night though!!πŸ’•

Saturday was long run day, because I wanted today to be all about Clayton and really preparing myself for going back to work. The hubs had to work all day, so I had to get my butt out there as soon as the sun came up. I took it to the hills again and was proud of myself for only needing to stop once and making it further than the last attempt. 

I wanted to finish my long run during the Mr’s nap time, but he apparently didn’t want an afternoon nap. So I started while he played and without fail, he wanted to go 30 minutes into it. So we stopped, he ate, and he fought hard to go down. But once he did, I finished it out and was ready to move on. It’s not easy breaking up your long runs, and it’s definitely not easy to have to stop in the middle of a run, but as relentless as my child is about sleeling, I am about finishing this training the way it was made to be. 

And here we are today.  I took this Sunday to unplug and spend every moment I possibly could with my little man. It was the best Sunday in a long time. I was lazy, yet productive. I didn’t feel compelled to check my phone or respond to a million people. I stayed in my pajamas until I changed for my recovery run. I watched Frozen for the first time all the way through, while my sweet boy took his afternoon nap on my lap.

We laughed. We played. We laughed some more. Clayton is all about laughing lately. It’s the best. He cried ((tooth number two is cutting)), he was extra cuddly and it was just what I wanted. He spent most of the day in my arms and I loved every minute. I meal prepped. And eventually, I did my 30 easy recovery miles.

I didn’t cry once today, or this week. Well maybe for a hot couple minutes while the song In My Arms, by Plumb came on the radio.πŸ’• But I really gave my fears and worries to God this week. I put all my focus into my workouts and my time with Clayton. Tomorrow will probably be a different story, but for now, I am at peace. I’ve got my sleeping boy by my side. I finished another week of training. And what will be this coming week, will be.

I ended this week with 27.7 running miles, and 28.6 cycling miles. My heart is full. My legs are tired. And I think I’m ready to tackle being a working mom and training. We can do hard things. I say it every day. πŸ€—πŸ’•


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