A Mother’s Instincts are Never Wrong

From the moment I became pregnant, I was an anxious worrier. Well, I was one a little before becoming a mom, but it increased in intensity and sometimes inhibits my ability to enjoy things. BUT one thing about that anxiety is that my fears, worries, instincts, whatever you want to call them, are ALWAYS right.

My motto when it comes to this anxiety is BETTER SAFE THEN SORRY! And so far, I’ve never been sorry. People would laugh at me, and my friends would call me cray cray. I feel like the pediatrician has a note next to my name for every time I call, “it’s that crazy lady again!” Because I call about EVERYTHING. πŸ˜‚

But all my fears, and all my calls to the doctor were justified. I’ve always been right. You see, once we become moms, we have this intuition deep down in our gut and it is engulfed around our hearts. We just know. There’s no explanation. When I would go on runs, I’d get this feeling my baby was upset and needed me, so I’d come home and he would. I could, without fail, say when he was about to cry before it even happened. There is an incredible bond between a mother and her child.😍

So it was obviously day care week for us. There is no hiding the fact that day care is an incredibly difficult transition for moms and their children, but what makes it even more difficult is having this gut feeling that something isn’t right. You can do your research, and feel comfortable about a decision, but that doesn’t always mean it is the right one, at the right time.

God’s timing is amazingly perfect. And the way he answers prayers at the right time, for the right reasons, is no coincidence. ❀ Sunday night, before my first day back to work and Clayton’s first day at daycare, we got a call from a lady from church. A little back story: We wanted Clayton to go into her care from the beginning, but she only had part time availability. We posted an ad for care for the other two days, but none of it felt right. So, we began our search for daycares. 

Let me just say that daycares range from $700-$2000 and you most definitely get what you pay for, no doubt about it. But the really amazing ones are far too much money for a teacher’s salary. So we deligantly did our research on the ones we could afford. My doctor’s office, other moms in an area Facebook page, and word of mouth from people we know, highly recommended the place we eventually chose. So we went for a visit, and we were sold. It was clean. It had a schedule we liked. It seemed like a great fit.

Without getting into too much detail, or throwing anybody under the bus, the day care was not the right place for us. All my vibes were screaming to get my sweet boy out of there. Things were not as they were painted to be. And because God was listening, he led us to the path we were intended to take. Our original plan for care was available full time, without coincidence, on the night before day care was to begin. Every instinct told me this was where we were supposed to be. And it’s what I wanted in the first place.πŸ’™ I feel like Clayton getting sick was a blessing in disguise and spending the last two days with him reassured me that our decision to go to an in home day care is what is best for him and my heart.

To all my mamas who feel like they are anxious and worried, to all my mamas who are told they worry too much…don’t let anyone tell you your instincts are wrong. Don’t let anyone ever make you feel ashamed of the way you care for your baby. That intuition, that gut wrenching pull on our hearts, that is how we keep our babies safe. 


2 thoughts on “A Mother’s Instincts are Never Wrong

  1. I had this with my first born, it last a very LONG three weeks before we were able to get him out of the day care & back into a comfortable home. You’re very right mother’s know best! When we had three under five we decided have me work days & hubby work nights, not the best solution for a marriage but for the pocket book a must need. Worked out in the end & happy that my kids were raised with LOVE!! You are doing an amazing job πŸ™‚


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