Friday Five Meets Currently


I was working on my Friday Five Favorites, and then Friday was done and over with and I realized I never posted it…so now you have FRIDAY FIVE meets CURRENTLY!! 🙂


Loving:  The Once Upon a Farm Cold-Pressed, organic, non-GMO baby Food. There slogan is “Fresh from Farm to Highchair” and it is so true.  These little gems aren’t just for babies either.  They make the perfect after workout snack, or pair well with recipes.  We’ve made pancakes with them and they were amazing.  The clear pouches allow you to see what is inside and you can rest easy knowing you and your loved ones are getting real, healthy and nutritious ingredients.



Working On: Fitting in training for my first triathlon. I kind of have a grasp on the bike, run part. This weekend our neighborhood pool opens, and then I can begin the swim part.  I’m not really nervous about that part though, because it is short and I’ve always been a water baby.  I just need to keep practicing the transition from biking to running, because that shizzz feels so weird. Like for real…does that ever get better?  

Thinking About: Going back to blonde.  It is summer after all and going lighter is almost a necessity, am I right? Although, I’ve always wanted the ombre effect…. which inspiration do you like above?  HELP A MAMA OUT!  🙂

Watching: BEYOND.  I don’t even know how I found it….I think I was just looking for something to watch on my long trainer rides…and this is what I found….but for some reason it got me hooked. Has anyone else watched this?



Wearing:  Thread Tank shirts….like all the time.  They are super comfy and tell my story.  Like, “I love Jesus, but I swear a little” and of course, “Mama all day, every day”! Click Thread Tanks to get to their website and order a million of your own.  Seriously, you won’t regret it.  What shirts tell your story?

For more fun currently ideas and posts, go check out Angela at RUNLIKEKALE.


HAPPY MONDAY MEETS FRIDAY….in like five days. HA!


Next up is your results of “who you would workout with” (famous person style). ❤


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