If You Could Workout with Anyone Famous, Who Would It Be?


Doesn’t everyone dream of working out with their favorite celebrity?  I know I have a million I’d love to work out with and have train me, and then a million more I could just stare and  gawk over.  So dreamy, so good looking, SOOOO MANY MUSCLES. Gahhhh!! ❤

I took a poll to see who you crave a sweat sesh with and with most I can’t say I am surprised, but some I had to look up…I guess I am too young…





Adam Driver was one of the first ones given, and if you don’t know him, he is from GIRLS, and Star Wars.  I can say for myself that I fell in love with him while watching Girls.  He is an amazing actor, like so good.  My friends and I used to argue over whether or not he was cute.  We agreed to disagree that he was cute in a weird, dark way.




The next couple mentioned was Heidi and Chris Powell.  They are the power duo on the show Extreme Weight Loss.  They have since created their own APP where you can essentially workout with them from your home. The APP is called Transform with Chris and Heidi Powell.  Whenever I watched the show, I always said they would be fun to workout with, and truly care about the lives of their clients.


Image: Kelly Ripa Honored With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame


My of my favs on IG was super sweet and said she would choose ME (which is crazy, but made me smile) and if I didn’t count, she would choose Kelly Ripa because of serious arm envy. 🙂 And I can totally understand that feeling.






Well hello Mc. Dreamy.  Hugh Jackman wasn’t my fist pick, but he is definitely one of the million I would choose on my list of infinity.  The person who chose him said, “he does it all and he is funny and super nice.”



The next two kind of go hand in hand, I mean just look at them.  But know, for real, the people who chose these two had pretty much the same things to say about them.


download (1) The Rock, otherwise known as Dwayne Johnson was picked  numerous times because, well do I really even need to say why?  “Mostly I’d like him to train me.  Or I guess to watch him train.  Look at him.  I just want to look at him.”  And I couldn’t agree more.  Actually, last April, I missed my chance to meet him when he was at a gym in Savannah, near where my brother was getting married.  Ugh….why didn’t I want to go to the gym that morning?  Oh yeah, I was preggers and more concerned with what I was going to eat and how I was going to look for the wedding.  So selfish of me haha.  Here is my brother’s friend meeting him.



Did anyone else not know that Kevin Hart was super strong?  I guess because he always had on clothes for his movies, I never noticed.  But I can say that I do love him, and now that I know he is ripped, I love him even more.  He was chosen because he is “funny and jacked”.  Can we all just appreciate that he is jacked and an amazing actor? Swoon.




I am not a fan of this team, nor Tom Brady, but I have to share him because he was picked.  This person picked him, one because they are obviously a Patriots fan and two they wanted to lift with him.



This next one is quite obviously only a given.  I was surprised it took so long for someone to actually say his name…..Anyone want to take any guesses before I post his picture…..









Wait for it……









He is like the king of acting…..







Are you ready……..









YUP, there he is, Brad Pitt.  Of course someone had to say him.  I guess he isn’t too bad of a choice.  I mean he is like the most famous person of famous people.  He is no David Beckham in my eyes, but I guess he comes pretty close.





This next person chose one from each gender.  For the ladies, he picked Mila Kunis.  I can’t blame him.  She is gorgeous.





And for the men, he chose Paul Rudd, because if he wasn’t having fun working out, he knew he’d be laughing regardless, as he is  “funny as all hell.” He is pretty comical.  I’ll give you that.






Almost all my runner friends chose this next fierce and inspiring lady. Kara Goucher is a mother, FAST AF RUNNER, and all around person to strive for.  She was also my first pick for the ladies.  Although, I have a lot of those too.











For the men, I chose Vin Diesel.  He is an awesome actor, and his voice.  Oh my gosh, don’t even get me started.




And then my power couple, because I have been obsessed with them since STEP UP, is the Tatums. She is seriously gorgeous, and he is my Mc.Dreamy.  The V line he has is everything.  And he certainly is super nice to look at.



If you didn’t get a chance to play along, who would you like to workout with? Or have you ever worked out with someone famous? That’d be a cool story to tell. 🙂





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