Reflections of Year One- A Note to My Son

For my sweet, sweet boy,

You came into this world marching to the beat of your own drum. Don’t ever lose that.  That is something I love about you the most. You keep us on our toes, and throw  surprises around  left and right. 

2016-06-28 17.42.15

The first surprise, your arrival. Your timing was unexpected, yet just the right moment.  Though you came early, and we were scared,  our prayers were answered.  We thank God every day that you were born healthy, strong, and full of so much life. You arrived to us TINY, but oh so MIGHTY.



From the day you were born, you’ve been a feisty fighter, full of crazy energy and happiness.  You fight for what you want, and what you want, you get.   If you want to go outside, we must go outside. If you want a toy to do something specific, or something that you think it should do, you fight with it. You fight for attention, from anyone and everyone, including your fur siblings.  If people are talking to one another, and you are not included, you  talk and scream  loudly so we all  look, and  then you smile with such  pride. You fight sleep, oh do you fight sleeping, and half the time eating.  Cry it out, what’s that?? You just cry, and cry until you get what you want.  Night time weening, I don’t think so. If you want a bottle, you want a bottle. And you won’t forget you want one until you get one.  You like to prove theories wrong, at least in the nightime realm. 

You do things on your own time, when you choose  to do them. There  is  no coxing you into anything. You never  had a desire to roll over or be in tummy time, and we thought for sure you would never crawl. But then at ten months, without  any prior attempts to even go onto all fours, you were crawling. And shortly after, walking. You have the stuborness of your daddy and I combined, but you have so much more zest for life than anyone we know. 

You love to explore and be free.  There is no containing you in pack-n-plays, cribs,  the living room, or even inside the house, in any room. Rain doesn’t phase you, nor mess up your outdoor time. You’ll happily play in the rain, or any water at that. You’re already checking the ladies out when we go places, and get the biggest kick out of other kids. 

You are always on the go. Which is why I don’t understand why you do not love sleep.  Sleep is amazing, and maybe one day soon, you will think so too. You’re an old soul, and have the biggest personality.  You love hard. Sometimes so hard that you literally leave evidence in the form of smeared boogers on stuffed animals, pillows, and mommy faces. Hugs are your specialty, and cuddling comes so easy. You have the best smile, and have no problem sharing it with everyone, because well, attention again.  Your little laugh is contagious, and bringing it out  is easy to do. We just have to have a stare down, or say “boo.” And even laughing ourselves  make you laugh. You’re a ham bone with a side of ornery. Little boy, I can’t believe you are turning O N E. My gosh!

This first year with you has been nothing short of a crazy fun, ridiculously scary roller-coaster ride that I would ride again and again. 

We’ve laughed.

20161003_113646 - Copy

We’ve cried.

We’ve questioned every step.


We’ve made mistakes.

We’ve experienced.

We’ve feared.

We’ve worried.

We’ve cuddled.


We’ve run.


We’ve read.

We’ve been surprised.

20161017_095712 - Copy

We’ve celebrated.

We’ve smiled.

Attach11170_20170507_135102-01 - Copy

We’ve danced.

We’ve hugged.

We’ve pondered.


We’ve been confused.

20160918_115231 - Copy


We’ve raced.

20160925_113557-01 - Copy

We’ve biked.

We’ve made friends.

We’ve grown.

We’ve loved.

You’ve surprised us with your multiple tummy troubles, including your first visit to the ER at only a few weeks old. At that time you had your first ultra sound and x-ray, but all came up clear with a diagnosis of acid reflux. And then at 3 months old, we went back for the same scare, but again they said acid reflux. The third, and hopefully last time, was the scariest time. At eight months old, you tried eggs, and eggs did not like you. Mommy had to rush you to the ER after having dihareha and a scary rash all over your body. Not ten minutes later, and your whole body blew up and was swollen and red. We couldn’t even see into your ears. Never again do I wish to experience that. 

Through the amazing times, and the tough, the scary and the fun, we’ve made it through year one stronger, happier, and oh so loved. Even when I didn’t feel like I was being a good mom, you never stopped loving me, wanting me, and needing me. You are perfect in every way.



Thank you for being our whole world and choosing us to be your parents.  Thank you for teaching us about unconditional love.  Thank you for loving me beyond what I deserve.  I’ll never know a love like this again, and I never want to forget a love like the love of you. You make our lives brighter, happier, and complete. I love the way you hold on to my neck when you hug. I love when you hold onto my necklace when I pick you up. I love the way you touch my face when you eat. I love the way you concentrate on things and the face you make when doing it. I love the way you make yourself laugh. I love that you love the outdoors. I love that you brighten up any room and bring a a smile to people’s faces. I love your quirkiness  and goofy ways. I love that  you love.  Happy first birthday Clayton Tucker. We love you so much it hurts.  


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