My Why


It seems like such a simple question; “WHY?”. It is the first question youngsters ask over and over; “but why, mom?” Sometimes you just have to turn it around and say, “why do you think?” It changes the perspective. ‘Why?’ is a question of curiosity && reasoning, and our curiosity never stops. So, answering a simple “why?” question can be so difficult.

If you sit back to think about why you do what you do, you could ponder the idea for eternity, or simply ramble off things that appeal to you at the current moment. Our why’s are really just something we decide for ourselves && they can change at any given time.

The world places so many expectations on us that sometimes we create even more expectations for ourselves. We tend to misplace the value of reality and our true “whys”. Instead of focusing on the ‘why’ we think society wants to hear, sit back and ask yourself what is important to you? What is your purpose? Everyone is unique, and it is about finding out what you want to be doing… not what you feel you should be doing. It’s also okay to have a revolving why, it should be evolving and ever changing to your current situations. We are always moving, constantly changing, and forever adapting to the things life throws our way.

So you ask me what my why is, again? My why is to constantly challenge myself, to see what I am capable of, and what I can still learn, in all aspects of my life; my career, my relationships, my health, my new baby boy && life as a mommy, and in my purpose driven life God has set before me. And along the way, maybe I’ll inspire others to live the life that was designed for them.

Now I ask you, what is your why?


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