Unrestrained and Full of Energy


Ya’ll—–Amazing Grass has done it again!!  I was lucky enough to be a part of their Protein Superfood campaign awhile back, and now as part of their latest product the Effervescent Tablets.  Oh. My. GOODNESS.  I don’t even know where to begin.  At first I was skeptical of it all—how it was going to taste, the way it looked, how it was going to make any difference in how I felt or looked.  Man, oh man was I in for the biggest surprise.


FIRST OFF, the definition of effervescent means a lot when describing the way the AMAZING GRASS product makes you feel.  The words [vivacious, lively, full of energy] are all  just one of the many ways the green superfood tablets will change your life. And if you want to stick with definitions and meanings—-the definition of effervescent when used as describing a liquid is –giving off bubbles; fizzy. Who doesn’t love bubbles? ❤



These self-dissolving gems are some serious fizzy magic, and taste great too.  They might look funny or displeasing to the eye, once dissolved in your water, but trust me when I say that that is deceiving.  They don’t have any bad after taste, or chalky texture like other water tablets.  They are smooth, and something I look forward to drinking each and EVERY day.



spot_nosignreduaI received the the tablets at the most perfect time, too.  As a teacher, the back to school year shenanigans brings about a lot of new germs and nasty colds.  The colds you dread and despise because you already have enough going on with trying to get into a new routine and learning new kids, writing lessons, the whole shebang. Well this year, I was prepared.  I was going to kick the germs to the curb.  Thanks to the Amazing Grass Effervescent Tablets, I have made it six weeks into the school year without a hint of a cold or not feeling well.  This coming from a mama whose little man got sick going back to school too, and whose husband also got little man’s cold.  That’s huge folks, HUGE!

20171006_1305192046888749.pngContinuing with my whole back to school motion, I like to use the tablets as my afternoon pick me up.  Since going vegan two months ago, and starting school,  I’ve found it difficult to enjoy that second cup of coffee.  One, because of time and all that jazz, and two, because our school doesn’t offer vegan creamer options like almond milk or coconut cream.  So if I don’t remember to pack my own, I have nothing to put in my coffee.  ENTER the Effervescent tabs.  They actually give me more of the energy that I am so badly needing in the middle of the long school day, when grading essays becomes so tedious and tiresome.

20171006_1257481821807137.pngAfter drinking at least one tablet a day, for an entire month, I noticed big changes in my skin; its overall complexion, and almost zero acne issues.  I noticed a change in the way my stomach felt; less bloating and irritability.  And an overall feeling of incredible energy and lightness.  Since having my son, I have struggled with hyperthyroid issues and have been making changes (going vegan) to correct it naturally, but still having to take medicine to bring my levels down.  At my last visit in August, I was put on an even higher dose of medicine to bring my levels down, as they were still incredibly high.  With the vegan diet change (and maybe the medicine), I have brought all my levels to normal, except one, which has now pushed my into the hypo stage of thyroid-ism.  This recent discovery has come to me at no surprise, because I have been dealing with weight issues.  Despite working out every day and eating healthy, the hypothyroid levels I now have are causing me to gain weight.  It is something I am struggling to accept, but I am seeking a second opinion in a few days and hoping I can try taking myself off of the medication, or at least lessening the dose tremendously, so that I can get back to myself.  Anyways, enough off topic rambling.  I can honestly say though that I feel like the Effervescent tabs have helped my body continue to retain the energy it needs to function well, despite my body lacking in speed of metabolism, heart-rate, and overall function.  So that is another win.




Basically, you need to get your hands on these gems.  You won’t regret it. You can click the link here to get to the Amazing Grass website and use code: SweatPink17 for 40% off your order.  That is a steal of a deal, love bugs.  And if you are feeling extra lucky, head on over to my Instagram page to enter to win your own box of Effervescent tablets. @faith_to_tri ❤


Happy energy and bubbles,




Runtastic Fall Fit Challenge


It’s a double blogging day for this mama. 🙂  I’m back to tell you a little about the awesomeness of runtastic && their YouTube channel.  Oh, and let’s not forget the fun fit-for-fall challenge they are hosting, along with the ladies at Fitapproach.  The contest is STARTING TOMORROW and it runs through 11/5.   And there’s prizes ya’ll. Sweet prizes.  So who wouldn’t want to join in on the fun, change up their workout routines, and be eligible for prizes? I know I would. ❤


So what’s the hype with Runtastic?  Well, I will tell you.  It’s the whole shebang. It’s a workout for anyone.  A recipe in the making. A guide for all things fitness.  A personal trainer.  A running coach.  You name it, they’ve got it.  I’ve been using their workouts off the YouTube channel for a couple of weeks now, and love that they are FREE, they are easy to use and follow, and there is something for just about anything I want to work on, including better eating. Just saying?  The struggle is real post baby.  🙂

Here is the link to their page.  I subscribed && I think you should too.


screenshot_20161025-121958-01               screenshot_20161025-122100-01

I’ve been doing their workouts on my porch daily, to add even more fall feels to the fit for fall fun.  Ohhhh yeah all those (f’s).  My English teacher would be proud of that alliteration. 🙂  SO anyhow…. the deets of the challenge.  Well for starters, just by reading this, four of you are eligible to win a prize.

AND WHAT’S THE PRIZE you’re asking??

A 12-month Premium Subscription to Runtastic app (iOS and Google Play), and you can see your account online too.  You know that personal running coach I was talking about, that is part of the deal.  I’ve already downloaded my spring marathon training guide made by Olympic champion, and running coach, Dieter Baumann!  BOOM!!! 🙂

And if you play along in our week long fun fit-for-fall challenge, you can also win.  A winner will be chosen by me EVERYDAY! That’s 9 total winners ya’ll!  How cool is that? Here is a sneak peek into the daily challenges we will be doing together:

So go get yourself a pumpkin and be ready to get fit for fall, have fun doing so, and you know win some prizes.


And don’t forget to subscribe to their YouTube channel for more fun workout ideas, recipe concoctions and daily motivation.  RIGHT FROM YOUR HOME TOO!! ❤



To be entered to win via this blog post, leave a comment about why or how the Runtastic App could help you, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.  That’s it.  The four winners will be chosen at the end of the week.  There you have it.  I’ll stop rambling, you start subscribing.  🙂  See you tomorrow for the day one of the fun fit-for-fall challenge.


For Two Fitness: REVIEW && GIVEAWAY


When I first found out I was expecting, I immediately wanted workout attire that depicted our exciting news.  I shopped around for running shirts with the cute little feet that said things like, “future marathoner” && “running buddy”! I even went as far as to find cute little onesies to use for our announcements.  ❤

Thanks to the instagram community, I had seen numerous women wearing these adorable shirts && found my way to the For Two Fitness ®  website. Can we just say cuteness overload.  I wanted E V E R Y T H I N G, but settled for the “Sweating for Two ®”, as it covered almost any workout I chose to do [[running, lifting, yoga, etc.]].

When it arrived, I was so nervous it wasn’t going to fit && I didn’t even have a bump to be seen.  BUT it fits true to size && as you will see, has grown with me as the bump announced itself and then some.  🙂


My favorite things about this shirt are:

  •  that it is made in the USA. I am a huge advocate for items made in the US.  🇺🇸


  • Their fabrics are high performance, soft, moisture wicking, and stay in place with any form of exercise//activity.image1 (13)
  • Let’s be real here for a minute, maternity clothes are expensive.  I, for one, have purchased maybe 5 things from the maternity section.  It is outrageous how pricey the items are. So when I saw the price for a shirt on their website, I was pleasantly surprised.  It was no different than any other workout attire from brand name shops && in my eyes completely worth it.image6 (12)
  • The shirts are the perfect way to feel gorgeous working out, while letting others know that, yes you are pregnant && not just gaining weight.  Plus, it makes a statement.  EVERYWHERE I go people are always stopping me to say “Cute shirt”, or ask me where I got it from.


  • The side details form to your unique body && allow you to move in any way, shape, and form, without riding up or moving.  As your bump grows, the shirt adjusts. IT IS THE BEST THING EVER! 🙂


Thanks to the lovely ladies at For Two Fitness ®, I became an ambassador, and was given a second shirt, to showcase the amazing features of their apparel and share my love of their products with women all over the world.  🙂 The apparel featured in my videos && photographs, and the giveaway prize, is courtesy of For Two Fitness ®.  Which leads me to the B E S T part….




a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway is going to run from today, May 27- Monday, May 29!! Just enter using the rafflecopter link above! Have fun, good luck && rock your bodies!! 😊



Be True to Your Core

FullSizeRender (21)

Have you ever had those days where water just was not enough to quench that yearning thirst?  I know I sure have.  Just last week, the humidity was out full force, which is something I haven’t had to endure since last summer && marathon training.  Like the humidity wasn’t enough, I was also 26 weeks pregnant.  Trying to run in that same humidity was brutal.  All I wanted on my run was a nice cold freeze pop.  I mean, that could’ve also just been a nagging preggo craving, but you catch my drift.  🙂

FullSizeRender (22)

The aftermath of that crazy, hot run lead to the above.  Dead. Tired. Hot. Exhausted. && oh so THIRSTY!  Lucky for me, I had my fair choosing of ice cold CORE organic bottles just waiting for me to guzzle down. What is so special about these flavorful waters?  Well you never have to compromise on taste or calories, as they contain only 5 calories per serving. They are USDA Certified Organic.  Low glycemic. Gluten-free.  Vegan.  non-GMO. KOsher.  && soy free.  THE BEST PART….each serving contains the same amount of antioxidants as a 1/2 cup serving of blackberries or cherries.  Who wouldn’t want to replenish with water that tastes yummy && boosts the immune system?

These beautiful little gems are so versatile too.  You can use them in smoothies, create yummy fruit freeze pops (yes I am still stuck on freeze pops),  && even venture into fun alcoholic drinks (not my forte so I can’t provide ideas, but I am sure it would be yummy)! No matter what you choose to do with them, they are delicious, thirst satisfying, && something you definitely want to try!  My personal favorite flavors are peach mango, orange clementine, && pomegranate blue acai.  ❤


LUCKY FOR YOU, IT GETS EVEN BETTER!!!!! You can win 12 coupons to a store near you to try out your own CORE hydration drinks.  THAT’s 12 bottles for FREE!  Just comment below, or on my instagram.  For a store location near you, click the link provided.

FullSizeRender (20)

Where will your hydration take you?

Thank you CoreHydration && SweatPink for the opportunity to review an awesome product, and the chance to share my love for it with my followers!




Feel Amazing Everyday


The ladies at SweatPink have done it again!  They teamed up with Amazing Grass and delivered an ‘Amazing’ product.  I am not just saying this because you think I have to.  I am 100% satisfied with the plant-based protein powder && absolutely L O V E it!!  🙂 WINNING!

I have been on the hunt for a protein powder that is pregnancy safe, whey free, plant-based, and yummy!  I didn’t think it existed.  I have probably tried about five different brands, and ended up throwing them away.  BLUCK! They were always chalky, tasted like cardboard, and never settled well with me. So it isn’t any surprise that I was skeptical of the chocolate peanut butter protein powder by AmazingGrass.  BUT DON’T LET MY SKEPTICISM FOOL YOU!  I was so, so happy with the product the very minute I took my first sip! The chocolate peanut butter taste shines through, it has a beautiful texture, and it didn’t cause any side effects that protein powders tend to create (who tooted?!) 😛


My first smoothie was made with chocolate almond milk, frozen bananas, oatmeal, and a scoop of the protein superfood!  It made for a wonderful sunrise breakfast, and a great start to a Monday morning!

IMG_3815 (1)

My second smoothie was PEANUT BUTTER JELLY time!  ❤  It is very similar to the first, but I also added frozen strawberries and some PB granola on top for a crunch!  h e a v e n   in a   g l a s s !  ❤


This Organic, all-in-one protein nutrition shake thoughtfully combines a superfood blend of plant-based protein with our farm fresh greens and nutrient-dense fruits and veggies. With a delicious chocolate peanut butter flavor and satisfying texture, this superfood combo is a convenient way to get the whole food nutrition your body needs with an amazing flavor your taste buds will love! Each serving promotes lean muscle, aids in digestion and satisfies hunger with providing 20 grams of complete plant-based protein, 7 servings of alkalizing greens and 2 full servings of fruits and veggies.


unnamed (1)

So what does all this goodness mean for you, and why am I putting you through reading all this awesome stuff?  Well because you can win your own FULL SIZE protein superfood product, in any flavor you desire!  Woohoo! Now you are winning!  🙂 ❤ All you have to do is leave a comment with your desired flavor of interest && why you would be interested in trying it out!  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!  If you cannot wait until the contest is over, head on over to the AmazingGrass website and use this code for 30% off your order: SWEATPINKTac16. ❤


Happy D R I N K I N G,



Share the Spark

images (1)

As an ambassador for Momentum Jewelry, I get to be a part of an amazing, inspiring movement 24/7!  The ladies at Momentum have created a product and a message that allows us to inspire & motivate others, in their personal and athletic lives – to do more, be more, to support & celebrate more.  It’s my favorite message to send around the world.  YOU ARE ENOUGH!  YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS!  Life is about lifting others up, no matter their abilities, views, beliefs, and personalities.  We all deserve the chance to be the best version of ourselves.  INSPIRE && BE INSPIRED! 

image1 (9)


So it gives me great pleasure to be a part of the new #sharetheSPARK movement. The ladies have designed 2 special #sharetheSPARK Motivate Wraps™: “NEVER GIVE UP” and “you got this!”.

Two great sayings that are like giving someone a virtual pat on the back, like saying “Nice work – keep at it!” or a “Hey, I’m in your corner and I’m rooting for you!”  I have been given four of these new and amazingly wraps, with the new wrap color, to give away to those I feel need a little encouragement, or who spread the message of inspiring and motivating others. 🙂

The campaign is running for 60 days  and Momentum is giving these new wraps a SPECIAL PRICE! They’ve lowered the price to an amazing $10/wrap so that you can more easily pass them on to friends, family, co-workers, neighbors – anyone who you feel could benefit from a little extra SPARK! 

These wraps are trendy.  They tell a story.  They are super comfy && versatile.  Wear them working out, or on the job.  Wear two at a time, or add them to our shoes. Get creative!  ❤

I can’t imagine a day without these lovely little gems.  They’ve carried me through so many different events, emotions, races, and days!